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Musings and Other Boring Stories by Angie- [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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I'll tell the truth since no one else wants to. [Dec. 23rd, 2004|03:59 am]
[Current Mood |irateirate]

You know the ****** ***** murder stink that's going on? Well here's the whole truth. She was a SNOB and was a VERY cruel person. She would often tease **** AND ****** and their little sisters, ***** and ********* (also twins) for being poor, because they were. The news just keeps on glorifying her, making her some super-great angel, and she wasn't perfect, noone is. Not even the accused. The ******** family has had a HARD life, more than most people have. They might not have had money, but DAMNIT they had love and that's all that's needed to keep a family together. I don't believe the accused did it, they have been GOOD friends of mine since 2nd grade, and I'm in 10th now. I moved away from Stamping Ground when I was in 6th, but I'll never forget or fail to stand by my friends when I know they're innocent. That family doesn't need this, they have enough problems of their own. I don't agree with the murder part, but I believe there's more to it then the ***** family is letting on. I just wanted to get MY story out there, because this is angering me greatly. The media just plain sucks nowadays, they can't even tell the whole truth. They choose sides too often. :(.
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I suck. [Nov. 14th, 2004|02:30 pm]
I suck.
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She's gone. [May. 1st, 2004|05:48 am]
They took her away from me.
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Been a while... [Apr. 30th, 2004|07:53 pm]
My grandmother, Beverly Kisakden, was diagnosed with cancer of the colon and brain after many months of suffering pains, aches, and other things. I was on Fall Break at the time, in 9th grade, my first year of high school. This was in October. She was told if she didn't have the surgery she needed on her colon, she would definately have two years, but expect no more. She didn't take the surgery, she thought it to be unnescessary. She had surgery on her brain, however, to remove all tumors. Yeah right. About a month later, she got where she couldn't walk. To the hospital she went. Oh, it's just an allergic reaction to a steroid. Nothing to worry about it takes a while to get out of your system. You'll be fine Mrs. Kiskaden. What a fucking joke. Month later, stil can't walk. Soon her christmas, and her 70th birthday passes, on January 1st. Can't walk. To get to doctor's appointments that weren't even helping her, we had to get an ambulance out here to take her to and from the non helpful appointments. Oh Mrs Kiskaden, you're weak because you refuse to eat. THE FUCKING CHEMO MADE HER SICK YOU ASSHOLES. It's a side effect you know. Still can't walk. If you eat you will be fine, she eats. She gets weaker. Goes to doctor, says there is a new tumor. Can't do much for you anymore Mrs Kiskaden, Let's hope the chemo and radiation takes care of it. Hope is a big word in medical talk you ignorant asshole. March comes, she is so bad off some days she can't talk. Wonder if it's steroids now you ignorant non-professional jerks. Hospice is hired to come out, and my grandmother has this special aid, who gives her a bath every day. Her name is Kara, she is the sweetest, kindest person in the world. She is like me and Nancy's sister we never had. We get along well. Granny has this other nurse, for emergencies, named Jo. She is a fucking BITCH. She is lazy, and is rude, and one time, Granny was in the hospital. She called me everything but a LIAR. She went around it to save her ass though, lying fucking lesbian bitch. She comes back later on. Granny is now having 24 hour nurses, very nice ones that monitor her for 24 hours. They say she is stable for now. Kara can't come during those 24 hours. We miss her. She makes us laugh and puts a smile on our faces. My mother has rekindled her friendship with a good friend of hers, whom I look up to as my aunt. Meanwhile, Granny has gotten where she can't breathe. Jo is the nurse on call, if you want to call her a nurse. She comes and 'helps' with granny's catheter, something is wrong with it. She tells me: (I AM OUT THERE IN THE ROOM DAMNIT) I am unable to turn her over, you do it. That was her EXACT FUCKING WORDS. She throws the dirty stuff in a BAG and leaves it on the floor for ME TO PICK UP AFTER EVERYTHING SPILLED OUT ON THE FUCKING FLOOR. Afterwords, she goes to a head nurse, Virginia, who is a sweetheart too. She tells her I wouldn't get up and FUCKING help her. That son of a bitch, I got so pissed. LYING FUCKING BITCH. Well, some time passes, Granny gets progressively worse. Kara, and Aunt Kris come by, even my grandmothers sister, my cousin, and his mom come. She doesn't know who they are. My grandmother is lying there, clinging to a picture of a seahorse which was supposed to be in an art show, and a poem I wrote for her, clutched in her hands. She also has a yarn angel I made fot her, and is now talking nonsense, and is out of it, the cancer has gotten the best of her, and she thinks I didn't help her because THAT FUCKING JO TOLD HER I REFUSED. LYING BITCH. She TOLD GRANNY I wouldn't help. Shitty huh? Yeah. My grandmother now has what is called death rattle, which is a type of breathing that occurs before death. She summons enough energy to call us otu there. A nurse is called, THAT FUCKING JO, and she comes. She comes in the door, I blow up on the cunt, clling her everything under the sun. She looks at me like I'm retarded. I guess she understood I hate her. She treated us NICE for once. Maybe I scared the nasty bitch. I don't know, don't care. That was two days ago, April 28, my best friend's birthday. I have missed a week of school, testing week, but I don't care. Family is more important than some test that doesn't even affect me. My days are numbered with my grandmother, I don't need people like JO coming and giving her bad ideas. I will always love my grandmother forever and always.
April 30, 2004
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Wow. So much has happened! [Feb. 23rd, 2004|08:22 pm]
[Current Mood |rushedrushed]
[Current Music |The Cure- Boys Don't Cry]

I got my eyebrow and tongue pierced...Lol. Pics up soon...I'm a happy person:).
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Blog Chalk? [Feb. 11th, 2004|04:30 pm]

Angie/Female/13-15. Lives in United States/Kentucky/Winchester, speaks English. Eye color is blue. I am freakish. I am also aggressive.
This is my blogchalk:
United States, Kentucky, Winchester, English, Angie, Female, 13-15.

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LOL It's been a while... [Feb. 4th, 2004|01:33 pm]
[Current Mood |hopefulhopeful]
[Current Music |Faith No More- Epic]

I might be going to get my tongue pierced...as soon as I can woo my dad...My mom says it's ok, but my dad says no. Bah. Party Pooper. Lol. I have my ears pierced five time and my nostril, and my tongue will be my LAST one. I promise Daddy! LOL. Like he's gonna see this. Anyway, how are you Leah? Haven't heard from ya in a while. Ooooh I almost forgot, I made out Valentines, Rugrats ones. Of COURSE, they had to include Kimi or whatever her name is. I don't like her:(. She has a munchmouth and is a goody goody. Lol. I have a new love you guys....Oswald! AHH! He rocks! See my userlookup and shop for details. Hehe. I'm in a weird mood today. I didn't have school because I have to help my grandmother with this pre surgery stuff she has to do. She's napping now, but has to get up at one to take some medicine stuff. She gets her colon removed tomorrow and gets a bag put on, and they will later put her colon back...I might have that wrong..but it's something like that and I don't want to disturb her.
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-+-~-_-~*Wintery Weather*~-_-~+- [Jan. 25th, 2004|06:02 pm]
[Current Mood |energeticenergetic]
[Current Music |I Drive Myself Crazy- N*SUCK]

We have like an ice storm...WHOOO! I hope we don't have school!
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Hmm..Quiz time... [Jan. 17th, 2004|04:27 pm]
[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]
[Current Music |Poison- I Won't Forget You]

The Eighties.

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Masked Demon
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Oh my goodness. [Jan. 17th, 2004|04:08 pm]
[Current Mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[Current Music |None]

Jamie and Adam talked to me! Actually they typed..but hey I'm NOT picky. I am a regular in the discovery Mythbusters forum..and they replied to my posts...I go by the name xxiloveozzyxx if any of you all want to see. *Smiles*
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